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The team at, Inc., prides ourselves on the quality of our solutions, the responsiveness of our service, and the value we provide to our customers and the industry. But you don't have to listen to us.

Here are comments from some of our customers, many of whom are your colleagues in the industry:

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"We couldn't be more pleased with the great results we have obtained from our partnership with", stated Dr. Katz of Ophir RF, from their headquarters in Los Angeles, California. "It started 3 years ago when optimized our websites to bring us more traffic from Google searches for keywords for our industry segment. We had a noticeable increase in on-line activity as a result. However most recently, took that one step further for Ophir RF and it really has been phenomenal. They set-up a system to bring Google, MSN and Yahoo searches for our competitors parts directly into a Cross Reference application on-line, leading to a considerable increase of inquiries!" he continued. "Not only did increase our selling opportunities, they are bringing in new customers and new market share with their solutions. And they do everything professionally, affordably and effectively!"

Ophir RF is a privately held company designing and manufacturing in the USA standard, adaptive and custom broadband and band specific frequency amplifier systems and amplifier modules for government, defense, commercial, university and research lab customers.

Dr. Arnon Katz
Director of Strategic Marketing


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BK Precision recognized that we had to increase our brand recognition with next generation test equipment buyers. Our objective was to drive more customers to our website and answer three questions: Do we have a product to meet customer requirements, at a cost within their budget, and finally where they could buy the product “today”. provided invaluable solutions to do this. They optimized our site for critical product key words on Google, increasing site traffic from 5,000 to 80,000 hits per month. They provided distributor stock check search on our site to immediate buying action via our channel. We are now generating 28% of our distributors' business with these on-line marketing tools. Because of our measurable success, we are now bringing Google users searching for competitive products directly into our cross-reference function, expanding our market share growth opportunities further. We are exceeding our marketing and branding goals with successful and cost effective solutions from

Robert McCue
Vice President of Sales
BK Precision


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“ has provided website functions that have improved our business in several ways. First, their shopping cart application has made it simple and easy for our customers to purchase smaller quantities quickly and efficiently, both for their convenience and to streamline the process to handle these orders by Relay Specialties. Secondly, and more valuable to us as an OEM distributor, their MAQS (Mectronic Auto Quote Solution) for RFQ requests allows customers to send larger bids to us for volume price quotes. We can easily quote on these opportunities and post the quote on a secure customer log in page where our customers can review all quoted items, order terms and payment options. This valuable function has become the cornerstone of our on-line business solutions.”

Barry Sauer
Relay Specialties


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"Since joining NJR in 2001, I have come to appreciate the expertise provided to NJR CORPORATION by Mectronic for our website maintenance and upgrades. With features such as part search and stock locator, NJR has been able to assist our existing customer base, as well as bringing in new customers on a continuous basis. Periodic updates to our website are handled by Mectronic rapidly and at reasonable costs. Mectronic has provided NJR CORPORATION with many ideas on how our website can be even more user friendly and result in product interest by visitors to our website. NJR CORPORATION is very pleased with our partnership with Mectronic and have recommended them to many of our colleagues."

Mr. Ron Gorshe
Sales & Marketing Manager


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"Our customers, distributors and reps all love the Distributor Inventory search on our website. tailored it to our specific needs and provided us with a lot of information about our website we never had before. We get thousands of searches, and the business generated from RFQs has been great! It has really helped to develop our distributor programs, too."

Rajiv Salhotra
Sales Manager
Idec Corporation

"We had success with Mectronic on our US website. So we asked them to help us offer distributor inventory search in Japan. They created a database that worked with our Oracle ERP system. It accepted uploads from our Japanese distributors and displayed all results in Japanese. When it was launched, we issued press releases in Japan's leading business publications to announce that Idec-Izumi was the first in our industry to offer distributor inventory search on our website. We are very pleased with Mectronic."

Mikio Funaki
CIO and EVP,
Idec-Izumi Corporation


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For NMB Miniature Bearings

"We took a site with little content and got it top position in the major indices. We gave you the worst case and got the best results! Thank you!

Scott Sizemore
New Media Consulting
Internet Project Mgr. For NMB Technologies Corp.


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"Mectronic services have been an integral part of our Web Site and e-commerce initiative since early 2000. Their link from our page for checking distributor stock and requesting quotations from our distributors, and directly from the factory, has proven to be dependable and accurate. The customer service has proven to be equally accurate and prompt in applying our frequent updates"

Don Minnick
Director of Sales
Gowanda Electronics Corporation


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"We have been using the MECTRONIC Distributor Stock Check application for approximately 30 days and have already realized several benefits. 1. Number of direct telephone inquiries from our OEM customers have decreased as they utilize the 'stock check' to provide product availability information 2. Ability of our inside sales folks to utilize the application allows us to direct a customer to a source for product without telephone callbacks. 3. RFQ's for product not in distribution inventory are directed to our distribution manager who in turn can work with our distributors to carry the desired part numbers 4. Distributors are now seeing 'referrals' which had been more difficult to document prior to having this tool. 5. Has been an assist to our direct sales people when working with an OEM either to design in a new item or when the OEM may have immediate quantity requirements 6. Has increased the overall activity on our web site as customers become familiar with information available beyond the distributor stock check.

We are very pleased with the very positive short term results and look forward to additional successes and improvements over time."

John Hohenberg
Marketing Manager
JST Sales America, Inc.



"We chose because they were the most flexible in customizing to our needs. Their inventory search program efficiently refers business to our stocking distributors. It also captures inquiries for us to follow-up on when there isn't immediate stock for the over 3 million switches NKK can manufacture."

Kiyoko Toyama
NKK Switches


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" have always given Rectron the best service possible, all the time! We are in a very competitive segment of our industry with over 40 companies we can cross reference to our products. is helping us grow market share by making cross referencing a 24 hour, 365 day a year possibility. Now anyone can go to our website, cross our competitor's parts to ours, view linked datasheets and specifications, search in our distributor's stock, and send an RFQ or PO in just seconds! This really levels the playing field with our largest competitors. It is fantastic and surprisingly affordable. We appreciate the benefits and progress made thus far and hope to increase our budget for 2005!"

Sean Kelley
Operations Manager


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"Before working with, we were nowhere to be found on the internet. They designed a modest website to meet our budget, put a stock search capability on it, got us up on the search engines, and we started getting new business right away. In 4 months we have sold enough for 6 times return on our investment! We even converted some old excess inventory into cash with sales from our new website. knows how to help companies like us and we recommend them to others."

Dana Sandoval
Vice President
Amarillo Electric Specialists, Inc.


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"PUI utilizes the Mectronic parts search engine on our website because of it's speed and ease of use. The information is accurate and very complete. We continue to grow our business as a result of the Mectronic parts search feature being on our website."

Dave Burgener
Corporate Marketing Manager
Projections Unlimited, Inc.


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"The embedded Mectronic search engine has added a valuable search tool to our website with minimum of setup effort. The parts search interface is neatly organized and user friendly. Integration was fast, seamless and the results were immediate. System response times are the best I've seen from a parts search engine. I was please to find that Sales immediately saw an increase in RFQ's and our closing ratios are up considerably since customers are already aware that we have stock on hand when they call. We've seen increased return traffic to our website as well!"

Dave Molter
Manager of Information Technologies
Nep Electronics, Inc.


Robert McCue
VP of Sales
BK Precision
"We are now generating 28% of our distributors' business with these on-line marketing tools..."