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Intranet Design

Definition: The planning and creation of an integrated internal network within an organization, using Internet-based technologies.

An Intranet is basically a private version of the Internet that is localized to a corporation. It is more secure than the public Internet and exists for the sole purpose of serving the corporation's internal needs. An Intranet can be used for internal scheduling, reporting, querying, managing, and researching. Intranets provide quick Information access and optimized process transactions. Another benefit of Intranets is the ability to have a user-friendly web-based front end to your legacy applications.

Tremendous opportunities exist to create strong channels of communications and collaboration between management, sales teams, manufacturing workers, support groups, and other internal divisions through corporate Intranets. Mectronic understands your industry and the complex relationships and requirements necessary for the success of your business. We can create Intranets with information, applications, databases and integration to existing systems that optimize interactions between groups within your corporate family.

At, Inc., we design Intranet systems that are efficient and reliable., Inc. offers the following custom solutions:

Application Integration - E-Commerce - Intranet Design - Extranet Design - Database Systems Integration - Supply Chain Management Solutions - Customer Relationship Management Solutions - Wireless Applications - Software Development

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