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E-commerce Solutions

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E-commerce Solutions

Definition: The buying and selling of goods through electronic transactions based on Internet technologies.

E-commerce can provide an addition to your existing sales channels or can be your primary method of sales. Either way, the benefits are substantial. Conducting business electronically improves the way business is undertaken: with customers, other businesses and government. The level of integration for which you wish to conduct your business online is entirely up to your business needs. Businesses can use email as a rapid and reliable way to communicate with suppliers or to receive and respond to customer queries. For example, customers can send an email requesting a quote for a particular product. Having an E-commerce solution can improve operations through greater use of electronic bookkeeping and records management. Companies are able to receive goods and services faster and more effectively; potentially reducing the need for warehouse storage.

We can custom build B2B E-commerce solutions to take your business on-line with scalable and tightly integrated solution modules. These maximize new technologies while leveraging your legacy IT infrastructure to bring your business new efficiencies. We can customize solutions for your business in catalog and content management, interactive shopping carts, secure ordering capabilities, transaction processing and fulfillment, payment authorization, customer management databases, and reporting.

At, Inc., we build custom E-commerce solutions tailored to your needs., Inc. offers the following custom solutions:

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